The Difference Between Holland and the Netherlands (CGP Grey)

– Apparently there is a difference between Holland and the Netherlands.  Much like the relationship of England, the UK, and Britain, Holland and the Netherlands are very complex organism.  As usual, my favorite youtube channel CGP Grey does a fantastic job explaining: – For more videos I love on travel and everything else, click here!!! … Continue reading

The Difference Between the United Kingdom, Great Britain, and England

The Olympics are upon us!  And I am finding some great videos throughout the internet that explain somethings about the United Kingdom that many of us Yanks don’t quite understand….  and this is absolutely one of them!  What IS the difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain, and England?  Well this is a very clever … Continue reading

20 Tips to Travel on the Cheap (Video)

I came across this video by Graham Hughes today.  I love sharing these, especially while we are working on all of the translations for the Languages of Europe Posts. Hughes is a very well traveled individual and knows his stuff when it comes to saving money!

Paris YouTube Video – 10 Things You Need To Know About Paris

I found this video while browsing YouTube.  It is from which I hadn’t heard of until finding this series of videos, but it is a tool I will definitely use in the future to compare prices of Hostels. Now Christian and I already have a pretty basic list of where we are planning to … Continue reading

The Benefits of Travel – Experience

Today we try something different, ironic because this is the post about Experience.  We will occasional do video posts for the blog, so be sure to check in often! In this video, we are trying to briefly dive into why we want to go to Europe and experience new things.   Tell us what you … Continue reading

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