Famous Castles in Europe

One of my favorite series of YouTube channels is called VSauce.  Vsauce has spawned 2 other channels called VSauce2 and VSauce3.  While the original is very much the best, occasionally I see a video from the others that really catches my eye.  This happened yesterday with VSauce2’s video: Famous Castles (below). I have been spending a lot … Continue reading

The ‘Must See’ Rock Festivals in the U.K.

It’s not a secret that several of the biggest and music festivals happen each year in the United Kingdom. You’ll find that the summers are hot with music throughout Britannia, especially if you are into rock, indie, alternative or metal. With a storied record that stretches back to the “open air” time of band concerts … Continue reading

Top Places To Go In Europe Recap

  Well, here we are nearly two weeks into April and yet our journey has just begun. We started this blog a little over a month ago and the response has been encouraging, to say the least. We (me and Christian) felt that now was probably a good time to take a pause and recap … Continue reading

Top 5 Places to Go in Scotland

– Scotland is easily the greenest country in all of Europe. Just type “Scotland” into Google Images and a colorblind person is lost in a world of grayscale. Besides the traditional, ever-present, kilt-wearing bagpipers, there is much history and greenery to be taken in from the north most country on the island of Great Britain. … Continue reading

Where to Travel in Europe

For the next few weeks, we are going to begin an overview of Europe and some of the countries that we are planning on going to. Nearly three quarters of a billion people live in Europe.When we (Americans) think of Europe, we often have mixed thoughts between overly romanticized France, Italy, and Spain, and WWII … Continue reading

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