I Bought The Tickets!

  – So I am one step closer to having my trip figured out… I bought the plane tickets!  Here are the dates: My plane leaves for Dublin, Ireland on May 31. My return plane leaves Lisbon, Portugal on July 25. That will give me and my sister about 55 days to explore Europe! I bought the … Continue reading

The People and Places from Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations in Rio

– Every Monday I will break down one of my favorite Episodes of No Reservations and talk about what I learned from it and why it is my favorite. Then you’ll definitely want to join in the conversation on Tuesdays as we talk about what happened the night before! Also, you’ll want to follow me on twitter @sojournerabroad so that we can … Continue reading

Watching the Euro Cup in an Irish Pub – European Vacation Can’t Come Soon Enough

So, I haven’t written my next post yet, number four in our countdown of Top Movies to get Excited for Travel, but not because of laziness…. or not solely because of laziness. As some people may know from previous posts, me and Christian (Christian and I???  i don’t know…) are both from Arizona.  Well I … Continue reading

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