Europe Trip Day 11: Sewers like Les Mis and Victor Hugo’s Grave


Top 5 Places to Go in Greece

– Greece is a country where we know so much and, yet, we know so little.  We know of Zeus.  We’ve seen Disney’s Hercules.  I have had Greek yogurt and eaten a Gyros.  Heck, I have even seen every episode of Full House staring the Greek-American TV Star, John Stamos.  But when it comes to … Continue reading

Top 5 Places to Go in Italy (Part 1: Rome)

Because of the Roman Empire, the Renaissance, and Pizza, Italy is one of those countries that Americans grow up learning a lot about.It seems like it could be a difficult task to narrow down Italy to 5 things to do, so I’m breaking this up into two posts: 1) Rome/Vatican and 2) everywhere else! – … Continue reading

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