Review: The Layover – New Orleans

  I didn’t plan on getting behind on my “The Layover” episodes, but since I did it just happened that I would be writing on the New Orleans episode the day before the Super Bowl!  Tomorrow, well over 100 million people will tune in to watch the Harbaugh brothers battle for the Lombardi trophy, but … Continue reading

Can’t Get Enough Anthony Bourdain – The Layover and His New Show Parts Unknown

We were in mourning.  The credits of the Brooklyn episode, the final episode, of No Reservations rolled.  The screen went black.  No more Bourdain. But wait!  I know that No Reservations has been a huge part of our lives, but Tony isn’t about to leave us empty handed.  No, not all!  Tony has two (THAT’S … Continue reading

10 Places Every American Should Go – Traveling in Your Own Backyard

So I have something to admit…  I have some really boring hobbies that I absolutely love!  One of my all time favorites: listening to Talk Radio.  I would listen to talk radio all day (and sometimes do) if I had the opportunity.  My favorite stations are both out of Phoenix, and seeing as I’m from … Continue reading

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