Europe Trip: Amsterdam Day 2

Europe Trip Amsterdam Day 1

Day Dream Friday – Europe’s Canals

Another Friday, another day dream about places I can’t wait to go see!  Today I have canals on the mind.  Europe has several cities known for canals, but today I am going to talk about the three most famous. 1. Bruges We have talked about Bruges in some previous posts and it is easily one … Continue reading

The Difference Between Holland and the Netherlands (CGP Grey)

– Apparently there is a difference between Holland and the Netherlands.  Much like the relationship of England, the UK, and Britain, Holland and the Netherlands are very complex organism.  As usual, my favorite youtube channel CGP Grey does a fantastic job explaining: – For more videos I love on travel and everything else, click here!!! … Continue reading

Watching the Euro Cup in an Irish Pub – European Vacation Can’t Come Soon Enough

So, I haven’t written my next post yet, number four in our countdown of Top Movies to get Excited for Travel, but not because of laziness…. or not solely because of laziness. As some people may know from previous posts, me and Christian (Christian and I???  i don’t know…) are both from Arizona.  Well I … Continue reading

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