Europe Trip Day 07: Museum of London

The Museum of London is huge, but has one of the most important discoveries for understanding the ancient Egyptian writings: the Rosetta Stone. Advertisements

Natural History Museum, Washington DC – Practice Traveling in Your Own Backyard

So in the last post about TRAVELING IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD, we talked about the importance of making the most of where we are at and how traveling locally gets you (me) ready to travel to places like Europe next summer. ¬†Well this is the first of many of my adventures in DC/Silver Spring MD. … Continue reading

Paris YouTube Video – 10 Things You Need To Know About Paris

I found this video while browsing YouTube.¬† It is from which I hadn’t heard of until finding this series of videos, but it is a tool I will definitely use in the future to compare prices of Hostels. Now Christian and I already have a pretty basic list of where we are planning to … Continue reading

Top 5 Places to Go in Belgium

Belgium is a much understood, and underestimated, country by many Americans.The country of Belgium has two main people groups, the Dutch-speakers and the French-speakers.Belgium has seen much conflict over the years, especially in WWI and WWII, when Germany invaded France through Belgium.Luckily the historic towns and cityscapes have been preserved.While being only about 3,000 square … Continue reading

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