Languages of Europe – Basic phrases to know when traveling to the Czech Republic (Basic Czech Phrases)

Czech is a language spoken in many countries throughout eastern Europe, with roughly 12 million native speakers (most of whom are in the Czech Republic).  Now we did our best to find someone who knows Czech to translate, but it is hard to verify that this is all correct, having no knowledge of the Czech … Continue reading

Languages of Europe – Phrases to know when traveling to Greece (Basic Greek Phrases)

It’s all Greek to me! Sorry… I had to get that out of the way.  I have taken a year of ancient Greek, but I have no confidence in my ability to translate our list.  Luckily Ria, from was able and willing to step up and help.  The list differs a little from the original, … Continue reading

Awesome look at the changes Europe has undergone!

Now, I know that we are in the middle of movie posts, but I saw this yesterday on a blog called , and I had to share it!  The video below does an amazing job of showing all of the changes the map of Europe has undergone for thousands of years.  There is so much … Continue reading

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