Europe Trip Day 08: Burrough Market

Europe Trip Day 07: Museum of London

The Museum of London is huge, but has one of the most important discoveries for understanding the ancient Egyptian writings: the Rosetta Stone.

Europe Trip Day 06: Shakespeare, The Globe, and Relaxing

Being big into theatre as in high school, I was ecstatic to go see a show in the globe!

Europe Day 05: London, Guy Fawkes, and Lots of Walking

I found it interesting that ever since the movie “V for Vendetta” (and the comic book from the ’80s that precedes it), Guy Fawkes has become a sort of anarchist superhero, at least in the United States.  Learning about the history of the parliament building in London, however, it seems that he is one of … Continue reading

Europe Day 04: Liverpool, London, and YNWA

A few months ago I began a series of posts about why I like soccer, but I have since left it unfinished.  This video provides a little insight to my love of soccer with my pilgrimage to Anfield in Liverpool.

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