Europe Day 04: Liverpool, London, and YNWA

A few months ago I began a series of posts about why I like soccer, but I have since left it unfinished.  This video provides a little insight to my love of soccer with my pilgrimage to Anfield in Liverpool.

Why You Should Watch Soccer, Part 1: How I Got Into Soccer

Most purists would probably have me shot for calling the sport “Soccer” instead of “Football”, but I am an American and in the interest of not confusing one great sport with another, I will call American Football “Football” and the world’s most popular sport “Soccer”. Over the weekend I watched three soccer games: 1) a … Continue reading

Inspired by One Heck of a Journey – Graham Hughes

– If you haven’t heard the name Graham Hughes yet, learn it.  Graham is a an inspirational figure in the travel community and after four years he finally accomplished his goal: visit every country in the UN plus an additional 8 states… without the use of an airplane! That’s right.  Graham traveled old school. – … Continue reading

Concerts in the Fillmore (Part deux) – Switchfoot

– We have covered a couple of concerts on here before: The Kooks The Wombats August Burns Red The Fillmore is where I have been seeing concerts lately.  It is the premier music venue in downtown Silver Spring, MD.  Check them out on facebook and you should check out their website if you are anywhere near! – So I … Continue reading

A Little Taste of Europe – The Wombats in Kansas City

Christian and I went to a concert this past week and seeing as we can’t think of a great way to end the backpacking series, today’s post will be about that show! As you can see from the photo above me and Christian are way more excited than the three other people in this picture. … Continue reading

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