Language Mondays – TEDxTalk about Learning a New Language

For this Language Monday I want to introduce to you Benny Lewis!  Benny Lewis is an Irish guy that speaks an absurd amount of languages.  People that speak several languages, like benny, are called polyglots.  Benny currently speaks eight languages and is working on three others.  But Benny hasn’t always had the ability to speak … Continue reading

Languages of Europe – Basic phrases to know when traveling to the Czech Republic (Basic Czech Phrases)

Czech is a language spoken in many countries throughout eastern Europe, with roughly 12 million native speakers (most of whom are in the Czech Republic).  Now we did our best to find someone who knows Czech to translate, but it is hard to verify that this is all correct, having no knowledge of the Czech … Continue reading

Languages of Europe — Phrases to know when traveling to France (Basic French Phrases)

Previous Posts in Series: The list of Phrases and Languages Overcoming the Language Barrier Spanish Russian – The French language fascinates me, but even more than that, the accent sounds so great. It is awfully hard to master though. And I might have to check my facts, but I’m sure they’d call you on a … Continue reading

Languages of Europe – Phrases to know when traveling to Spain (Basic Spanish Phrases)

We’ve been talking about languages lately.  To find out more about our current series, check out this previous post! Now, I took four years of spanish in High School, but I’m not going to pretend to be an expert.  If you see something incorrect, let me know!  You won’t hurt my feelings.  I want the … Continue reading

Video on Overcoming the Language Barrier

I have less than one hour before my battery dies.  I am in an extremely over crowded Panera Bread in Silver Spring MD and the clock is ticking!  There are no outlets available and there isn’t another place with electricity and internet anywhere close. Last night a huge storm went through the DC area knocking … Continue reading

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