Europe Trip Day 03: Giant’s Causeway, Belfast, and Singing

Today was particularly amazing.  I got to drive through the irish country side with an irshman singing to us the whole trip.  I got to see the beautful and mystical countryside of northern ireland.  And finally I went to Belfast to look at the murals from the conflict between protestant and catholic sides in ireland.

Europe Trip Day 02: Dublin, A Walking Tour, and Guinness

Our first actual day in Europe was in Dublin… and it was a doozy!  Getting into dublin at 2 in the morning US time, and backpacks on our backs, we went straight to a walking tour.  We barely made it, but it was a blast!  We were, needless to say, very tired by the end … Continue reading

Europe Trip Day 1: Flight to Dublin

So no good trip can happen with a ridiculously long flight… that is exactly how my trip to Europe began!  But Dublin bound I could not be more excited!  

Europe Trip Day 0 : Packing

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Famous Castles in Europe

One of my favorite series of YouTube channels is called VSauce.  Vsauce has spawned 2 other channels called VSauce2 and VSauce3.  While the original is very much the best, occasionally I see a video from the others that really catches my eye.  This happened yesterday with VSauce2’s video: Famous Castles (below). I have been spending a lot … Continue reading

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