Languages of Europe – Phrases to know when traveling to Hungary (Basic Hungarian Phrases)

Again we come across another language we know nothing about, but thankfully our pal Laszlo and his blog “I Just Felt Like Blogging” came to the rescue!  Again, we could not hope to pull off this blog series if it weren’t for the help of readers like Laszlo!  Thank you guys so much, we just … Continue reading

Great resource for learning Spanish, German, and French!

I just found this website and it is awesome!  I love it.  is a website that teaches you Spanish, German, and English (for spanish speakers).  It also has a beta for French.  I have seen many websites and programs like this and, since I love languages, I usually play around on them for a little … Continue reading

Languages of Europe – Phrases to know when traveling to Bulgaria (Basic Bulgarian Phrases)

Previous Posts: – The list of Phrases and Languages A video about overcoming the Language Barrier – Spanish Russian French – As most of you know by now… Christian and I are barely competent when it comes to writing, much less writing in other languages!  Luckily, friend of the blog knows Bulgarian and was kind … Continue reading

Phrases to Know When Traveling (Part 2)

THE LIST: The Basics Numbers 1-10 in the language Hello! (in various forms: good morning, evening, night, etc) My name is… _____________ Goodbye. Please/thank you. Yes/No Excuse me. – Conversational Do you speak english? I don’t speak … [insert language]… well. Speak slower please. How do you say {english word/phrase} in … [insert language]. Very … Continue reading

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