The ‘Must See’ Rock Festivals in the U.K.

It’s not a secret that several of the biggest and music festivals happen each year in the United Kingdom. You’ll find that the summers are hot with music throughout Britannia, especially if you are into rock, indie, alternative or metal. With a storied record that stretches back to the “open air” time of band concerts … Continue reading

Guest Post – The Best Music Festivals in Switzerland

Today we have another guest post.  This one is by Craig and talks about the best musicals festivals that happen each year in the country of Switzerland. We talked about Switzerland quite some time ago when we looked at the Top Five Places To Go In Switzerland, and so I hope you enjoy this list … Continue reading

Day Dream Friday – Running of the Bulls

– My sister and I have begun planning some of the Europe trip for this summer.  We are finally starting to figure out the specifics of the trip!  One thing that is high on our list is the San Fermin festival in Pamplona, Spain, the highlight of which is the Running of the Bulls.  The … Continue reading

Day Dream Fridays – La Tomatina (Spanish Tomato Fight Festival)

To add some structure and continuity to our blog, we are continuing to add on going series.  Now Fridays aren’t just days we sit in the office and work for the weekend, Fridays are a day to Day Dream about all of the amazing places to go and see! Day Dream Fridays! Today we look … Continue reading

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