Language Mondays – TEDxTalk about Learning a New Language

For this Language Monday I want to introduce to you Benny Lewis!  Benny Lewis is an Irish guy that speaks an absurd amount of languages.  People that speak several languages, like benny, are called polyglots.  Benny currently speaks eight languages and is working on three others.  But Benny hasn’t always had the ability to speak … Continue reading

Phrases to Know When Traveling (Part 2)

THE LIST: The Basics Numbers 1-10 in the language Hello! (in various forms: good morning, evening, night, etc) My name is… _____________ Goodbye. Please/thank you. Yes/No Excuse me. – Conversational Do you speak english? I don’t speak … [insert language]… well. Speak slower please. How do you say {english word/phrase} in … [insert language]. Very … Continue reading

The Benefits of Travel – Culture

  Americans can get a bad rap for being ignorant of other cultures.  One of the things that I’m most excited for in traveling to Europe is a chance to learn about other cultures.  In my travels to Mexico over the years, I have learned a lot about the Mexican culture and I have loved … Continue reading

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