The Layover – Philadelphia – In Review

– For all of our Anthony Bourdain posts, including all reviews of this season of the Layover, click here!!! – Tony makes one thing clear from the very beginning of this episode… there will be NO cheesesteak! I have had the pleasure of visiting Philly a couple of times and I have stopped into a … Continue reading

No Reservations: Burgundy, France – The People and Places from the Episode

– Every Monday I will break down one of my favorite Episodes of No Reservations and talk about what I learned from it and why it is my favorite. Then you’ll definitely want to join in the conversation on Tuesdays as we talk about what happened the night before! Also, you’ll want to follow me on twitter @sojournerabroad so that we can … Continue reading

Top 5 Places to Go in Switzerland

Switzerland is quite a unique place to visit at any point in the year.World famous skiing up in the glaciers and mountains regions, and an almost tropic climate near the southern lakes, are just two of the climates this (relatively small) country.Switzerland, however, has much to offer on top of climate. – 1. Food When … Continue reading

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