Europe Trip: Bruges

Day Dream Friday – Europe’s Canals

Another Friday, another day dream about places I can’t wait to go see!  Today I have canals on the mind.  Europe has several cities known for canals, but today I am going to talk about the three most famous. 1. Bruges We have talked about Bruges in some previous posts and it is easily one … Continue reading

Top Movies to Get Excited For Traveling: #7 In Bruges

12. Wild America 11. Forrest Gump 10. Bourne Trilogy 9. Harry Potter 8. The Lord of the Rings 7. In Bruges Keeping with the series of the top movies to get us stoked to travel, Justin and I thought of this movie that I have attached quite a bit of sentiment to. I remember Justin … Continue reading

Top Places To Go In Europe Recap

  Well, here we are nearly two weeks into April and yet our journey has just begun. We started this blog a little over a month ago and the response has been encouraging, to say the least. We (me and Christian) felt that now was probably a good time to take a pause and recap … Continue reading

Top 5 Places to Go in Belgium

Belgium is a much understood, and underestimated, country by many Americans.The country of Belgium has two main people groups, the Dutch-speakers and the French-speakers.Belgium has seen much conflict over the years, especially in WWI and WWII, when Germany invaded France through Belgium.Luckily the historic towns and cityscapes have been preserved.While being only about 3,000 square … Continue reading

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