Europe Trip Day 02: Dublin, A Walking Tour, and Guinness

Our first actual day in Europe was in Dublin… and it was a doozy!  Getting into dublin at 2 in the morning US time, and backpacks on our backs, we went straight to a walking tour.  We barely made it, but it was a blast!  We were, needless to say, very tired by the end … Continue reading

Europe Trip Day 0 : Packing

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Inspired by One Heck of a Journey – Graham Hughes

– If you haven’t heard the name Graham Hughes yet, learn it.  Graham is a an inspirational figure in the travel community and after four years he finally accomplished his goal: visit every country in the UN plus an additional 8 states… without the use of an airplane! That’s right.  Graham traveled old school. – … Continue reading

Backpacking – Packing List

As with every trip, my favorite planning procedure is packing. The idea that whatever I place in this bag will be what I’m stuck with for a long time. When Justin and I backpack Europe, we will be stuck with what’s on our back for a very long time. As most of you know, we’ll … Continue reading

Backpacking – The 5 Things To Look For In Buying a New Backpack

I said it before in an earlier post that buying a backpack would be one of the most important, if not the most important, purchase for your trip.  Don’t buy just any old backpack, but instead, take your time and do your due diligence.  Use the below as a guide to buying your backpack: – 1. … Continue reading

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