10 Places Every American Should Go – Traveling in Your Own Backyard

So I have something to admit…  I have some really boring hobbies that I absolutely love!  One of my all time favorites: listening to Talk Radio.  I would listen to talk radio all day (and sometimes do) if I had the opportunity.  My favorite stations are both out of Phoenix, and seeing as I’m from … Continue reading

Top Movies to Get Excited for Traveling: #11 Forrest Gump

12. Wild America 11. Forrest Gump When I first saw this movie, it gave me the chills because of how good it was. It had to have been when I was in middle school, and is one of the first films to get me loving cinema. It has literally everything – comedy, action, romance, drama, and adventure. The … Continue reading

New Blog Series – Top Movies to Get Excited For Traveling: #12 Wild America

The countdown begins!  This new blog series is going to cover something Christian and I love… movies!  We could literally talk all day, every day about movies.  Now these aren’t necessarily our all time favorite movies (though some may fit the bill), but these movies are ones that get us jazzed to travel!  We have … Continue reading

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