Music and Concerts!

Music is kind of a broad topic, but it is a topic that we love!  When it comes to travel, our music taste greatly enhance, influence, and (in some cases) might even guide us in our travels.  If you love Brit-Pop, won’t you want to try and catch a show in some obscure London pub?  When you think of Paris, don’t you have that same familiar Parisian accordion playing in your head?  When you think of Venice, don’t you think of some crazy, drunk guy steering your gondola and singing some Italian song that you don’t understand as you float through the city of Canals!  OF COURSE YOU DO!  Music is one of the most memorable parts of any experience.

Anyway… despite it being a broad topic, check out some posts related to music!

Music that gets us excited for traveling:

Traveling Playlist


A Little Taste of England – The Wombats in Kansas City

A Little Taste of England (Part 2) – The Kooks in Columbia, MD

Concerts in the Fillmore (Part 1) – August Burns Red

Concerts in the Fillmore (Part deux) – Switchfoot

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