Europe Trip Day 0 : Packing

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World Emergency Numbers

– I found this picture on Reddit and thought it was a great resource for wherever you may be travelling! – – Other posts about travel safety: Anthony Bourdain and Being Prepared Backpacking Safety Tips European Travel in Light of the Toulouse Shootings –

Being Prepared for Emergency While Traveling: Anthony Bourdain’s Beirut Episode

– Every Monday I will break down one of my favorite Episodes of No Reservations and talk about what I learned from it and why it is my favorite. Then you’ll definitely want to join in the conversation on Tuesdays as we talk about what happened the night before! Also, you’ll want to follow me on twitter @sojournerabroad so that we can … Continue reading

Backpacking – Safety Tips With Your Backpack

Safety is always a concern when it comes to travel.  We spend so much time packing the backpack with just the right stuff, that the last thing that you want to happen when you are traveling in another country is for any (or all) of your stuff to go missing.  This post will cover some … Continue reading

Is it safe to go to Europe: European Travel in light of Toulouse

Over the past week or so, a hot topic has been solo acts of terrorism.The gunman in Toulouse has many people worried, and understandably so.The thought that at any point you could be a victim of terrorism is enough to keep most people stateside.But my question is, IS IT SAFE TO GO TO EUROPE, especially … Continue reading

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