The Meaning of Sojourning

Sojourn: (n) a temporary stay; (v) to stay as a temporary resident Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary defines the theme of our blog as such. However, the word “Sojourning” means so much more than that to me. The thought of sojourning makes me want to learn, discover, admire, love life, live to the fullest. I view my … Continue reading

The Benefits of Travel – Experience

Today we try something different, ironic because this is the post about Experience.  We will occasional do video posts for the blog, so be sure to check in often! In this video, we are trying to briefly dive into why we want to go to Europe and experience new things.   Tell us what you … Continue reading

The Benefits of Travel – Culture

  Americans can get a bad rap for being ignorant of other cultures.  One of the things that I’m most excited for in traveling to Europe is a chance to learn about other cultures.  In my travels to Mexico over the years, I have learned a lot about the Mexican culture and I have loved … Continue reading

The Benefits of Travel – Recreation

A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking. ~Earl Wilson The one obvious aspect everyone expects to enjoy from travel is its recreational purpose. Whether it be a relaxing vacation or an adrenaline filled adventure, traveling will quench your desire to get away in one way or … Continue reading

The Benefits of Travel – Educational

There are many benefits to traveling.  So far for this series we have covered health benefits of travel.  For this post we are going to look at some of the educational benefits of travel. For me, education is very important, but I don’t always learn by lectures and class rooms.  I believe that education works … Continue reading

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