Launched My Second Blog Today!

Hey everyone! I wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a happy new year and let you know that I have some exciting news…  I just launched a second blog today (! When I was in high school I tried to create a blog about becoming a modern day renaissance man, like Leonardo DaVinci … Continue reading

Travel Cost Calculator – The beginning of budgeting for a trip

So I found (I think on Reddit) this really cool TRAVEL COST CALCULATOR.  I think that you’d still benefit from planning and budgeting yourself and trying to find the best way to travel cheap, but this is a great tool and starting point for that process.  You can play around with the sliders and change … Continue reading

20 Tips to Travel on the Cheap (Video)

I came across this video by Graham Hughes today.  I love sharing these, especially while we are working on all of the translations for the Languages of Europe Posts. Hughes is a very well traveled individual and knows his stuff when it comes to saving money!

Video on Overcoming the Language Barrier

I have less than one hour before my battery dies.  I am in an extremely over crowded Panera Bread in Silver Spring MD and the clock is ticking!  There are no outlets available and there isn’t another place with electricity and internet anywhere close. Last night a huge storm went through the DC area knocking … Continue reading

The Meaning of Sojourning

Sojourn: (n) a temporary stay; (v) to stay as a temporary resident Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary defines the theme of our blog as such. However, the word “Sojourning” means so much more than that to me. The thought of sojourning makes me want to learn, discover, admire, love life, live to the fullest. I view my … Continue reading

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