Language Mondays – TEDxTalk about Learning a New Language

For this Language Monday I want to introduce to you Benny Lewis!  Benny Lewis is an Irish guy that speaks an absurd amount of languages.  People that speak several languages, like benny, are called polyglots.  Benny currently speaks eight languages and is working on three others.  But Benny hasn’t always had the ability to speak … Continue reading

The Secret City of London (CGP Grey Video)

– I know that London is unofficially among Christian and my top 5 places in Europe.  England is somewhere we have spent a lot of time thinking and dreaming of visiting and next summer all of those dreams will come to fruition! CGP Grey does it again with another fantastic video!  I can’t stress enough … Continue reading

Languages of Europe – Basic phrases to know when traveling to the Czech Republic (Basic Czech Phrases)

Czech is a language spoken in many countries throughout eastern Europe, with roughly 12 million native speakers (most of whom are in the Czech Republic).  Now we did our best to find someone who knows Czech to translate, but it is hard to verify that this is all correct, having no knowledge of the Czech … Continue reading

Languages of Europe – Phrases to know when traveling to Greece (Basic Greek Phrases)

It’s all Greek to me! Sorry… I had to get that out of the way.  I have taken a year of ancient Greek, but I have no confidence in my ability to translate our list.  Luckily Ria, from was able and willing to step up and help.  The list differs a little from the original, … Continue reading

Languages of Europe – Phrases to know when traveling to Hungary (Basic Hungarian Phrases)

Again we come across another language we know nothing about, but thankfully our pal Laszlo and his blog “I Just Felt Like Blogging” came to the rescue!  Again, we could not hope to pull off this blog series if it weren’t for the help of readers like Laszlo!  Thank you guys so much, we just … Continue reading

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