Europe Trip Day 03: Giant’s Causeway, Belfast, and Singing

Today was particularly amazing.  I got to drive through the irish country side with an irshman singing to us the whole trip.  I got to see the beautful and mystical countryside of northern ireland.  And finally I went to Belfast to look at the murals from the conflict between protestant and catholic sides in ireland.

Europe Trip Day 02: Dublin, A Walking Tour, and Guinness

Our first actual day in Europe was in Dublin… and it was a doozy!  Getting into dublin at 2 in the morning US time, and backpacks on our backs, we went straight to a walking tour.  We barely made it, but it was a blast!  We were, needless to say, very tired by the end … Continue reading

I Bought The Tickets!

  – So I am one step closer to having my trip figured out… I bought the plane tickets!  Here are the dates: My plane leaves for Dublin, Ireland on May 31. My return plane leaves Lisbon, Portugal on July 25. That will give me and my sister about 55 days to explore Europe! I bought the … Continue reading

The Layover – Dublin – In Review

– Well I’m a day late from the mid-season break, got my wisdom teeth out and I’m hyped up on pain meds, but I finally saw the new episode of the Layover!  This one, Tony goes to Dublin.  As we talked about a few months ago, the Ireland episode of No Reservations is one of … Continue reading

Day Dream Fridays – Giant’s Causeway

– For more posts to day dream about, click here! – It has been several weeks since I have done a “Day Dream Fridays” post… this may be because I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had much time to day dream! But today this comes to an end… today I day dream again! … Continue reading

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