The Benefits of Travel

Now I’m sure that most of you don’t need much convincing on why you should travel, but it is important when planning such a massive trip to take a step back and think about some of the reasons for going on a trip like this in the first place.

Click on any of the following topics:

  1. Health
  2. Education
  3. Culture
  4. New Experiences
  5. Recreation/Fun

There are more reasons to travel than we can count, but our hope is that with this series we can help you begin seeing the importance of carving out some time in your schedule for your dream trip as well!  It doesn’t have to be a couple months in Europe, it could be a weekend get away in the woods, but the truth is we all should make time to vacation!

Where is your dream destination or trip?

3 Responses to “The Benefits of Travel”
  1. whitt88 says:

    You’ve got lots of useful info on your site. Thanks for the work; I’ll count on you for keeping us up to date on where to go and how to best do it. Love backpacking btw. Thank you.

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