Basics of Backpacking

|Be sure to look at GRAHAM HUGHES … He just may be the world’s BEST BACKPACKER|

I’m at the point in planning the trip where I’m ready for a big purchase, a big step in the direction of the trip.  Now I’m not talking plane tickets (yet) but possibly the most important purchase your will make for a trip such as this.  I’m talking about backpacks!

We are looking at all things backpacks!

1. We look at the basics of backpacking, what it means, and how it will look to travel Europe via backpack.

2. We look at what to look for in a backpack, and what kind of backpack to buy.

3. We look at the basics of packing a bag.

4. We look at bag safety (you never know when some crooks are going to try and take your backpack!!!).

This is the nitty and gritty.  This is the type of details that can make or break a trip.

8 Responses to “Basics of Backpacking”
  1. Jenny says:

    cool idea for a series!! i’m in the process of planning something for when i graduate from my BA 😀 i’ll definitely be using this as a guide!

  2. roweeee says:

    Hi Justin. Thanks for checking out my blog. I backpacked through Europe almost 25 years ago when I finished uni. It was awesome but also a bit scary. I’ve travelled a lot in travelled by myself but Europe could be scary at times. I ended up getting a job in Heidelberg, Germany for 6 months. That was better for me being part of a community. Went to a good Baptist church there too.
    Good luck with it all!

    • roweeee says:

      Sorry, something went a bit wrong when I posted that comment. I had meant to say that I had travelled a lot around Australia by myself without any problems but found it more tricky in Europe.

      • oh haha! Yeah i’m sure it can get tricky… but I bet that’d be a great experience spending 6 months in Germany like that. I’ve thought about trying to do something like that deliberately someday… just move for like 6 months or a year. I’m sure you have many great stories from your time there!

  3. Hey Justin! Really cool site you have here. Im planing on going bak packing next summer after I return to the U.S. to work and go to school for a year. My senior year in college I will hopefully return a 3rd time to study abroad or even transfer to Universidad de Navarre in Pomplona. Definitely gonna use your blog as a reference. Where are you now?

    • That’s really cool! I hope this site is helpful… I am currently in the DC area on an internship for school and planning my trip for this summer, after I graduate. I’ll hopefully be traveling all summer long… but my list is long, so it’ll be hard to hit everything in one swoop! I guess that’s just an excuse to go back for round two!

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