Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain’s show has done so much for us and cultivate our desire travel.  We have seen so many cultures and learned how to be respectful in new situations.  Because of how great this show has been throughout its many seasons, we wanted to dedicate a large portion of time to cover “Anthony Bourdains Final Tour”.

But now the tour is over, the good news is Tony is starting a new adventure on CNN called Parts Unknown, premiering this spring.

And Tony will also continue his mini-series The Layover on travel Channel, premiering the second season on November 19!

| Looking at the Layover Season 2 and Tony’s new show Parts Unknown |

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The Layover – Season 2

Episode 1 – Chicago

Episode 2 – Paris

Episode 3 – Philly

Episode 4 – Toronto

Episode 5 – Dublin

Episode 6 – Atlanta

Episode 7 – Taipei

Episode 8 – New Orleans

New Show on CNN – Parts Unknown

My Favorite No Reservations Episodes:

Gearing up for the final season and Anthony Bourdain: Episode 1 Paris

Bourdain in Berlin and Expectations for Sydney

The Techniques Episode: Basic Cooking Everyone Should Know

Bourdain in Ireland. A Volatile History.

Bourdain in Peru. Machu Picchu.

Bourdain in Beirut: Being Prepared for an Emergency

Bourdain in Romania: Managing Your Travel Expectations

Bourdain in Haiti: Humanitarian Travel

Getting Ready for the Finale

Final Season Episode Recaps:

Episode 1 Recap: Austin TX

Episode 2 Recap: Sydney, Australia

Episode 3 Recap: Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll

Episode 4 Recap: Burgundy, France

Episode 5: NOT ANOTHER CLIP SHOW!!!!!! BOOO!!!!

Episode 6 Recap: Rio de Janeiro

Episode 7: Clip Show 😦

Episode 8 Recap: the Dominican Republic

Episode 9 Recap: Brooklyn, NY

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