Europe Day 05: London, Guy Fawkes, and Lots of Walking

I found it interesting that ever since the movie “V for Vendetta” (and the comic book from the ’80s that precedes it), Guy Fawkes has become a sort of anarchist superhero, at least in the United States.  Learning about the history of the parliament building in London, however, it seems that he is one of England’s most famous traitors and conspirators…. not exactly a hero!  But I learned a lot on our walking tour of London.  Here is the video:

One Response to “Europe Day 05: London, Guy Fawkes, and Lots of Walking”
  1. Nice video, I definitely feel like a tourist watching it with the heads and all the walking. Glad you got some of the stories of London! I also liked the “book ends” to the video, starting off with your monologue and ending with the same. Makes the viewer feel like a genuine tourist facing some of the common trials and tribulations of travel.

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