Europe Trip Day 03: Giant’s Causeway, Belfast, and Singing

Today was particularly amazing.  I got to drive through the irish country side with an irshman singing to us the whole trip.  I got to see the beautful and mystical countryside of northern ireland.  And finally I went to Belfast to look at the murals from the conflict between protestant and catholic sides in ireland.

One Response to “Europe Trip Day 03: Giant’s Causeway, Belfast, and Singing”
  1. Justin, I am so glad you finally got to visit my wonderful country! The Giant’s Causeway is thrilling, no matter how many times you visit! Unfortunately, I live out in the williwags and my internet connection is not fast enough to watch your video in full. I do hope you availed of the opportunity to take a Black Taxi Tour in Belfast…not to be missed. Ireland is full of “hidden gems” and that’s what my tour company, at, specializes in. Hopefully, you’ll return to this magical place!

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