I Bought the Train Tickets!



A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the exciting development of me purchasing the plane tickets to fly into Dublin on May 31st (now only a few weeks away!) and out of Lisbon Portugal a few months later.  CHECK OUT THAT POST HERE.

Well yesterday I got one step closer to being ready for the trip…  I bought the Train Tickets!

My sister and I will be traveling mostly by Train all over Europe.  Since we will be spending such a large period of time traveling we went for the 15 day in 2 month rail pass.  This means we have 15 days of our choice to travel on as many trains as trains as necessary during a two month period.

It is kind of strange seeing such large amounts of money coming out of my account to go towards the traveling expenses of the trip.  It’s like I’m adult or something… But I am very excited and can’t wait for this trip to be here!

3 Responses to “I Bought the Train Tickets!”
  1. larkycanuck says:

    looking forward to reading about it.
    Tip: post expenses as much as possible on the trip. really educates readers to budget for their own travel.s

  2. sounds like fun! we looked into the train passes for our trip to europe as well. i am actually really excited to travel by train. i feel like you will so many things that you wouldn’t otherwise see by plane or car.

    • Justin says:

      Sorry for the late reply… things have been really busy with graduation/moving/trip planning. But yeah! I definitely think that train travel is a great and accessible way to travel europe! It looks like you are already on your trip! I hope it is going well!

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