Guest Post on Cutting Costs

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Top Five Holiday Cost Cutters

By: Katerina

If you’re hoping to cut the cost of going away, take a look at these top five money-saving suggestions:

Book Late

As any package holiday-goer knows, some of the best holiday offers come in the form of last-minute getaways. It’s the same holiday, just cheaper – so providing you’re flexible enough with your holiday criteria you can often snap up a great price and jet off within a few short weeks.

Book Early

Planners and savers would do better to book their holiday well in advance. If you book with Thomas Cook or any other large-scale tour operator, you’ll probably find that they offer significant discounts on next year’s holidays. Look out for brochure launches and new holiday releases, as this is typically when you’ll find the best early bird holiday offers.


For the ultimate flexibility, book your own flights and hotel. Providing you book well in advance, you can often secure a great price on both elements – and you can use public transport to reach your hotel, which keeps the costs down. Watch out for overpriced taxis and if you must use one, be sure to agree a price first.

Pick Your Moment

It’s not all about holiday offers and discounts. Travelling outside of school holidays will usually be much cheaper, as will travelling outside of the peak season. The very start or end of the summer period – for instance in April, May or October – can often be much more comfortable temperature-wise and quieter too, as well as a little cheaper.

Pick Your Place

It makes sense to steer clear of expensive hotels, and the same goes for destinations too. Watch out for resorts marketed as ‘luxurious’ or ‘upmarket’ and, where possible, move off the tourist trail to find reasonably priced restaurants and a more authentic experience. Also, try ‘up and coming’ locations such as Bulgaria, or destinations like Turkey which typically offer a low cost of living.


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