Eating Your Way Around the World – By Craig

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Eating your way around the world

By: Craig

One of the pleasures of travelling is learning about local customs and culture and food makes a massive part of that. Beyond the different flavours, produce and textures, eating your way around the world can teach you a lot about the people and history of a country. If you’re a food lover and like to make food the focus of your vacation, here are a few destination ideas that should be on your list.

The countries of the Mediterranean (Sprain, Italy, Greece and even France have at least one Mediterranean coastline) yield beautiful produce that is a pleasure to eat and cook with. Cooking holidays in France and Italy are particularly popular and can be booked direct from the UK or the US with tuition, accommodation and board included. The cuisines of these countries are in many ways different – pasta and pizza is a must-eat in Italy and classic French patisserie is a pure indulgence. However, one thing these destinations have in common is sun-soaked produce like olives, tomatoes and grapes.

If you want to step outside your food comfort zone, Japan is a place you’ll be rewarded for it ten times over.  Sushi and ramen reign supreme here and though these two foods are very in vogue with us westerners at the moment, eating them in Japan is a different experience altogether.  There’s a great deal of ceremony that surrounds food consumption in Japan, which in turn provides moments to be remembered. From taking part in a traditional tea ceremony through to watching a Teppanyaki chef prepare your steak on a griddle in front of you, Japan is a place of new smells, tastes and food adventures. And, wherever you go in Japan you’ll be in for a unique experience – every region has its own variations on traditional dishes such as ramen. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, try booking a flight into Tokyo, which has the most Michelin starred restaurants of any city.  Some airlines like ANA allow you to book your flights to Japan up to a year in advance, which should help you free up cash for you eating escapades.

The Middle East is becoming an increasingly popular destination for foodies looking for a different type of holiday. A number of tour operators offer trips that combine tours and classes in destinations like Lebanon and Morocco. Visit souks and marketplaces and find the air perfumed with the scent of a myriad of spices. Combine a food course with some exploring or book yourself into one of the luxury spas or riads in the area and enjoy a little relaxation after hard work in the kitchen. Indulgence experts Mr&Mrs Smith have some top rated examples to choose from.


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