I Bought The Tickets!

Airplane Picture Europe


So I am one step closer to having my trip figured out… I bought the plane tickets!  Here are the dates:

My plane leaves for Dublin, Ireland on May 31.

My return plane leaves Lisbon, Portugal on July 25.

That will give me and my sister about 55 days to explore Europe!

I bought the tickets on KAYAK because of all the websites I looked at, the not only had the cheapest prices, but the highest reviews.

Flying into one city and out of another is often called an “Open-Jaw” flight.  This allows us to save travel time and expenses to get back to a city we’ve already been to.  Dublin, for example, was the cheapest place in Europe I could find to fly into, but it would have been really expensive to get train/plane tickets all the way back to Dublin at the end of the trip.  That is why we chose to fly out of Lisbon.  We are going to some sort of giant loop around Europe in a whirlwind and end up in Lisbon by July 25!

I still have a lot of planning to do, but this is very exciting!

9 Responses to “I Bought The Tickets!”
  1. theemilyk says:

    I am going to be like 5 days behind you. I fly into London June 5 and leave Amsterdam Aug 1. I am looping probably the opposite way you are, but perhaps we will cross paths along the way!

  2. Call me when you’re in Dublin… 561-801-4945 or in Ireland after mid-April (+353-083-332-8660)

  3. thepoelog says:

    Totally jealous! Have fun – with both the planning and the execution!

  4. Spies flybilletter says:

    I am sooo jeslous, you guys. You are going to have a great time. Keep in touch with us and share your trip. At least I will have something fun and interesting to read while being bored as hell in the office all day.

  5. I’m totally jelaous! You’ll absolutely love Dublin and Lisbon. I’ve been there 3 years ago and both cities can offer you a lot of fun. What other places do you want to visit? Do you have a plan or you will decide during your trip?

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  1. […] A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the exciting development of me purchasing the plane tickets to fly into Dublin on May 31st (now only a few weeks away!) and out of Lisbon Portugal a few months later.  CHECK OUT THAT POST HERE. […]

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