Review: The Layover – Seattle

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As Tony is quick to point out, Seattle has one of the biggest food scenes in the US… which is probably why it is where Tony picked to conclude season 2 of the layover.  I have never been to Seattle, so I was especially interested in this episode.

Seattle, or Sea-Town as it is called throughout the episode, is known for its seafood.  Even for breakfast, Tony has a sandwich with fresh crab meat.  At the end of the episode Tony is showing off the fresh fish stops in the airport!  The airport!  It makes me wish that I liked fish more because then I’d really appreciate it!

The place that peaked my interest the most was Melrose Market.  A large selection of local cured meats and cheeses.  Tony went right for the stinkiest and gooiest cheese they had.  That probably wouldn’t be my first inclination, but to each his own!  They even have a selection of local specialty chocolates at Melrose Market.  This is the type of place there just needs be more of around the country.

My Dad and Jay Feely

Random side note that is slightly relevant: while I haven’t been to Seattle, my dad usually goes about once a year on business.  This year he got to go on the same weekend as the Cardinals/Seahawks game.  Sadly it was the worst lost the cardinals have ever had, but he did get to go on field and get all kinds of cool pictures!  The one to the right is of him and the cards’ kicker, Jay Feely.

Hopefully I can go to Seattle someday soon.  I’d love to get to know this famous city.

For a complete list of where Tony went in Seattle, click here.

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