Day Dream Fridays: Imotski, Croatia (Soccer Stadium, Medieval Fortress, and the Blue Lake)


While reading an article on 7 Weird and Beautiful Soccer Stadiums around the world, I found one in Imotski, Croatia.  I have never given Croatia much thought.  It is one of those places that you are aware that it exists, but you don’t know much about it beyond that.  Pictured above, you can see the soccer field surrounded by cliff and mountain.  On top of the mountain lays a fortress built in the mid 800s.  The fortress has survived through the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.  For nearly 1,200 years this tower has overlooked the town of (now) about 4,500.

The stadium is home to the local croatian soccer team.  The stadium itself only seats about 6,000, and although I have grown to love soccer, the main attraction isn’t the stadium or the fortress.  The main attraction is the view.  The stadium and fortress are situated on a cliff right beside a 4000 square meter lake.  This is known as Blue Lake.

Gospin Dolac Imotski Croatia Soccer Stadium Blue Lake

The Blue Lake, and its slightly smaller neighbor Red Lake, are believed to have been formed from major sink holes that then filled in with water, either from an underground cave that it collapsed into and/or nearby mountains’ melting snow.  Either way, their position so close to the neighboring town of Imotski makes it a unique and beautiful travel destination.

The color of the water and the way it is situated surrounded by rock, kind of reminds me of Crater Lake in Oregon, although on a much smaller scale and in a less isolated destination.

This is a place that you could just be content to stay for a few days.  There are things to see, that is for sure, but not like some of Europe’s major cities that are much larger and faster paced.  In Imotski you can catch a local soccer game, swim in its lake, tour its fortress and be content to look at the beautiful view.

What are some interesting and exciting places that surprised you?


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