Day Dream Friday – Europe’s Canals

Another Friday, another day dream about places I can’t wait to go see!  Today I have canals on the mind.  Europe has several cities known for canals, but today I am going to talk about the three most famous.

1. Bruges

Canal in Brugges Belgium

We have talked about Bruges in some previous posts and it is easily one of the top ten places I want to see in Europe.

Bruges’ canals don’t necessarily have the prestige of some of the following places, but the way the water reflects the surrounding medieval buildings is like fairytale.  It is quiet; relaxed.  Bruges seems like a great place to get lost.

Plus you are in Belgium which means great food.  Waffles, chocolate, and Belgian fries are just some of the foods that Belgium is known for.  After gaining all that food weight, you’ll have to spend hours walking around Bruges, staring into the canals, and admiring the many beautiful and old buildings.

2. AmsterdamAmsterdam Canals Netherlands Holland

The Netherlands is Belgium’s northern neighbor.  We have talked about Amsterdam many times before, and we recently talked about the difference between Holland and the Netherlands.

It seems like every picture of Amsterdam shows a canal.  Looking at the picture to the right, it is easy to see why.  The trees lining the canal with colorful houses on both sides is something that is unique to the Dutch.

3. VeniceRialto_Bridge_Grand_Canal in Venice Italy

The city that is synonymous with canals, Venice is one of the most popular tourist spots in the world.  We listed it in one of our top places in Italy several months ago.

Venice is so famous for it’s canals that both of the previous cities claim the nickname “The Venice of the North”, but the truth is neither one’s canals compare to Venice.

The gondolas are a world famous attraction, but also one of the most prestigious (and well paid) professions in all of venice.  The process of becoming a gondolier is rigorous and highly competitive with only 400-500 gondoliers operating a year.  But for most it is a family business with generations of gondoliers in each family.

Hopefully this is a good day dream for you as you are looking forward to the weekend.  I know that I can’t wait to see all of these this summer!

5 Responses to “Day Dream Friday – Europe’s Canals”
  1. vyvacious says:

    Lovely!! These are all locations I would love to travel to as well! I believe Amsterdam is on my list for next year 🙂

  2. msdulce says:

    This is a bit shameful, but I never realized Bruges even had canals! Apparently I need to get myself to Belgium, stat. It looks beautiful… and the waffles don’t hurt, either.

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