Prescott, AZ – Sledding, Lunch, and Whiskey Row

Picture Prescott AZ

I love Prescott.  For those not in the know, it is pronounced *press-kit* not *press-cot*, as the name spelling would suggest.  Things like this don’t seem important till you miss pronounce it in front of a Prescott native… but believe me, they’ll let you know if you are miss-pronouncing the name of their beloved town!

As a child my grandparents would take us on day trips to Prescott quite often.  We would get Ice Cream and walk around the court house.  My grandfather always quizzed us on Arizona state trivia.  These trips were always my favorite!Bird_Cage_on_Whiskey_Row Prescott AZ

On my most recent trip to Prescott, my sisters and I went up north (from Phoenix) to go sledding for the day.  Our first stop was lunch in the historic downtown Prescott: Whiskey Row (Pictured to the right).  This part of downtown has existed since the mid 1800’s; well before Arizona’s statehood and back when it truly was a wild west.  Now it is mostly restaurants and independent retail stores.

We ate lunch at the Prescott Brewing Company.  It was the second time I have eaten there and both times were pretty good.  It has a good atmosphere, surrounded by neat little shops that you could spend hours perusing.  Afterwards we walked around whiskey row looking in shop windows and walking off the food!

Eventually we got around to sledding.  We found a hill out in the woods and took our sleds up the hill to take turns sliding down.  For some people from Phoenix, it was fun!

Here’s a video (not the best quality) of one of my sisters coming down the hill:

Do you have any small towns around you that you like to take day trips to?

2 Responses to “Prescott, AZ – Sledding, Lunch, and Whiskey Row”
  1. My niece drove us to Prescott while visiting Phoenix a few years ago. Our day trip was far too short. Thanks for the follow on my blog. I love travel and usually combined it with outdoor activity, I’ll be looking to your blog for suggestions when new destinations arise.

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