The Layover – Dublin – In Review

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Well I’m a day late from the mid-season break, got my wisdom teeth out and I’m hyped up on pain meds, but I finally saw the new episode of the Layover!  This one, Tony goes to Dublin.  As we talked about a few months ago, the Ireland episode of No Reservations is one of my favorite, so I knew that I wouldn’t be disappointed by this episode of the Layover.

Republic of Ireland Country Flag No Background

Here are the notable places Tony visits in Dublin:

1. John Kavanagh – The first place that Tony visit’s is this bar, also affectionately known as “gravediggers” due to its proximity to a grave yard.  Tony stops in for a pint of Guinness, the indigenous drink of Ireland!  Here he meets his friend, an Irish producer named Paddy Daly (spelling may be incorrect, I couldn’t find it) and they enjoy a local soup of sausage, potatoes, and other left over vegetables.

2. Slattery’s – The next morning, Paddy and Tony go out for a big Irish breakfast at Slattery’s.  Interestingly, Slattery’s is what is called an early house, a rare Pub that opens at 7am for the fishermen who have been out early fishing.  Irish breakfasts are huge and packed full of meat!  As Tony puts it, “this is no place for a croissant!”  And of course, what would an Irish breakfast be without a pint of Guinness?  I’m sensing a theme in the episode!

3. Cathach Books – This book shop specializes in rare first editions of Irish writers such as James Joyce.  They even have an illustrated version of Ulysses that is done by Matisse… selling for a humble 25,000 euros!  If that’s a little expensive, you can settle for a Bram Stoker’s Dracula, 1st edition, for a mere 12,500 euros.

4. Bear – A steakhouse different from any I have heard of.  Instead of focusing on the top cuts and expensive meats, bear specializes in the “less desirable” cuts of meat.  Joe Macken is the creator and also owns several other restaurants such as a fried chicken place called Crackbird or a grilled pizza place called Skinflint.

5. The Palace Bar – Tony heads over to this bar because of their ridiculous whiskey list!  Well over 100 of the finest Irish whiskeys around, not to mention any other imports of whiskey.  I talked about a month ago about one of my favorite places to eat in Silver Spring and its 16+ page whiskey list… list place reminds me of that.  Something that separates the palace bar from just about any other place i’ve seen is that they also distill their own whiskey.  Respect.

6. The Chop House Gastro Pub – Described as one of Dublin’s most acclaimed restaurants, is run by Kevin Arundel and his wife Jillian.  The Chop House focuses on cutting edge, experimental food styles.

7. The Long Hall Pub – “If you don’t make it to the Long Hall, you haven’t seen Dublin,” says one native Dubliner in this episode.  Old and storied, this pub is obviously a favorite hang out for half of Dublin.  Joe Macken, from Bear, joins Tony for a night of conversation and pints.

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