Man Traveling World on a Tiny Boat… at 73!

Sven Yrvind 73 Years Old

His name is Sven Yrvind.  His age is 73.  His boat is at its longest, 10 feet long.  His mission is to sail the world in this boat that is comparable to the size of a bathtub… all over the course of a year and a half!

A few weeks ago we talked about Graham Hughes, who traveled to every country in the world without the use of an airplane.  This is an amazing feat by itself.  I have on occasion thought of how cool it’d be to travel the world by boat… literally in control of how and where you travel at any given point.  And if it weren’t for the possibility in falling into the murky deep dark waters of the ocean, I might seriously consider it!  But what Sven is attempting is quite amazing!

He is traveling with food on board, but plans to fish along the way.  I’m not sure what he is planning to do for fresh water… i’d imagine he has a system to de-salt (is that a thing) the ocean water.  But the craziest thing is that he designed the boat with the intention of being able to capsize and return to the surface…. he is actually planning to roll the boat when he needs to, in order to avoid worse damage.  This is something I would have never thought of.  I would be doing everything I could to avoid my boat capsizing.

Here’s my takeaways from the story of Sven Yrvind:

1) The age of 73 means nothing to Sven.  He knows his capabilities and he is confident in himself despite his age!  There is a great TedTalk that I watched last week where 93 year old Charles Eugster talks about keeping healthy, even at an old age.  Check out the video below:

2) And the other thing that I takeaway from this story is sometimes you need to sacrifice something scary to accomplish a bigger goal.  Sven is realistic in his assessment that he can’t travel the world for a year in a half in a tiny boat and not expect to be hit with huge waves and storms… so instead of building a boat to avoid rolling over, he built one that could handle rolling over again and again.

Jim Collins has written several books, but his best known is probably Good to Great.  The premise is of the book is that sometimes we have to sacrifice the good to achieve the great.  It’d be good for the boat to never roll over, but he concedes the capsizing to achieve the greater goal of traveling the world in his boat.

What is something good you need to give up for something great?

For a more complete article about Sven Yrvind, Click Here!

What is your favorite part of Sven’s story?  Share with me below!

3 Responses to “Man Traveling World on a Tiny Boat… at 73!”
  1. I love that his boat looks like the Yellow Submarine…

  2. pommepal says:

    What an inspiration…

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