The Layover – Sao Paulo – In Review

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On the final season of No Reservations, Tony went to Rio.  Yesterday as a part of this season of the Layover, Tony went to the largest city in South America, Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Sao Paulo is huge.  Traffic is bad.  The buildings are huge.  And, luckily for Tony, his cab driver can navigate it all just fine.

Here are the notable places Tony visits in Sao Paulo:

Pictures of São Paulo

1) Bar do Mane – If there is one thing in life that Tony is an advocate for, it is going to markets!  Tony loves markets… he is all about markets.  So when Tony asks his cab driver to join him in eating the famous mortadella sandwich, it is no surprise that the cabby jumps at the chance.  The Mortadella is gratuitous amounts of meat and cheese… simple and delicious.  Tony recommends this be your first stop after arriving in Sao Paulo.

2) Feijoada de Lana – Feijoada is what Tony calls “perfection in a dish” … it is essentially a variety of stewed meats  that you pick up in a buffet style line.  It is the poorest cuts of meats that has become the national dish of brazil.  One thing that i found odd but exciting was the cup (about the size of an espresso glass) that is filled with the broth of the dish to be drank before eating.

3) D.O.M Restaurante – A fine dining establish by one of the best known chefs in Brazil, Alex Atala.  I’d guess that this place is pricey, but if you enjoy super fancy food… you’ll love it here.  The food looks amazing.

4) Mocoto – The hottest restaurant in town.  Chef Rodrigo Oliveira is recreating food from the less famous regions of brazil.  They are purposely set out of the way but any cabby worth his salt would be able get you there.

Tony’s Big Tip for Sao Paulo: Have a friend in Sao Paulo.  While not always the easiest thing to accomplish before ever going to Sao Paulo, Tony insists that if you don’t have someone to show you around, it won’t be nearly as good of an experience.  A good possibility would be Couch Surfing!  Even if you aren’t going to be staying on someones couch, it is more than likely you can find someone to show you around town!

Now even though I’m planing on going to Europe this summer, I have talked to a few friends at the possibility of a World Cup trip when its in Brazil in 2014.  I don’t know how likely that is… but it’s something to keep in mind!

Do you have any plans for visiting Brazil any time soon?  Let me know below.


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