Eat Somewhere New – The Quarry House Tavern


A few days ago I talked about a couple of places I’ve been in DC, Good Stuff Eatery and We The Pizza.  Today we talk about another one:

The Quarry House Tavern is one of the places I eat the most in Silver Spring.  As you might have guessed if you clicked on their website, this dive bar does not spend a whole lot of money on advertising.  But it doesn’t need to!  This place is packed out most nights of the week.  So what makes the Quarry House so great?  Well let’s look at it:


They have something going almost every night of the week.

On mondays they have half priced burgers.  Their burgers are fantastic, second best I’ve had since I got to DC behind only Good Stuff Eatery, which we talked about yesterday.  They just flat out make good burgers.  They are simple, they know what they’re good at.

On tuesdays they have tacos.  They bring people in (taco people) especially for tuesdays to make the tacos.  Steak or chicken, these tacos are phenomenal.  Being from AZ, I’m used to good mexican food, sadly it is harder to come by in other places (I’m looking at you TEX-MEX)… for the past few months the Tacos at Quarry House have quenched my thirst for some good mexican food.

On wednesdays they have whiskey wednesday and they make some phenomenal pupusa available only on wednesdays.  And if whiskey is your poison of choice this place has a list that blows most every place out of the water… like 15+ pages of whiskeys.

Then of course saturdays are rockabilly night, with live rockabilly shows.

And sundays are trivia nights… always fun and I play to win, so watch out!

Their Tots and Ranch

Their tots are bomb… seriously.  I’m sure they come in a huge frozen bag, but however they cook them is money!  Hot and crispy on the outside, soft and perfect on the inside.  I don’t know if they have tots in Europe, but when I go there next summer I’ll probably go into withdrawal after developing a tot dependency at the Quarry House.

The only thing better than their tots is their ranch… any other tots would be just a vessel to bring the ranch to my mouth!  Every time I go, I have to get ranch!  The ranch is made completely in house and it is delicious.  If they’d bottle it for me, I’d buy it.

The Atmosphere

The Quarry House is a dive bar.  It’s been a dive bar in Silver Spring for over 70 years.  It has a huge selection of beer and whiskey.  There’s a jukebox for music.  Its crowded.  The service isn’t fantastic.  And it is everything you’d want from a dive bar.

Just look at the entrance (on the right).  Very nondescript.  Only a couple flags with a QH.  This bar is definitely not trying to impress anybody.

So this is where I eat usually about once a week.

Does anyone out there have a favorite place like this?

Do dive bars make anyone uncomfortable?

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7 Responses to “Eat Somewhere New – The Quarry House Tavern”
  1. vyvacious says:

    “They bring people in (taco people)…” <- by far, my favorite line in the whole post. Haha.

    It all sounds delicious and holy crap, you're right, they're lacking in the advertisement area! At the same time, I kind of like it. It makes it more mysterious and definitely more of that divey-bar feel 🙂

    • haha for sure! It sadly it’s probably the best mexican food i’ve had the entire time i’ve been in the DC area… tacos at a dive bar! But i’m spoiled from growing up with good mexican food in the west!

      • vyvacious says:

        Oh I know what you mean! Over here, I snub my nose at the high-end Mexican restaurants, the best places are the taco trucks you chase from week to week and the 24-hour joints that are hidden throughout the city just begging for you to order a chorizo y huevos burrito and a horchata 😛

      • for sure! and most of them have some sort of similar name… filiberto’s, humberto’s, juanberto’s… and all of them are fantastic. Some carne asada, some horchata or hamaica …. delicious! now i’m hungry and have no place here to get my fix!! but luckily i’ll be back in AZ around christmas time so i only have to wait a few more weeks!

      • vyvacious says:

        Haha yeah! Over here the common name is Alberto’s or Alerto’s or Alazanes…

        Oh boy, I might pick some up tonight with all this talk! 😛

        Ah, that’s not too long 🙂 At least you can see the light at the end of the (carne asada fries/carnitas tacos/guacamole-filled) tunnel 😉

  2. rubzzz says:

    Hi there! I will be traveling to the Philippines in a week. Any Suggestions?

    • um… definitely eat a lot of food! and visit markets where you can. I’ve had several friends that have been to the Philippines and they all love it there. Maybe, brush up on your Tagalog? that might come in handy! Good luck on your trip!

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