Can’t Get Enough Anthony Bourdain – The Layover and His New Show Parts Unknown

We were in mourning.  The credits of the Brooklyn episode, the final episode, of No Reservations rolled.  The screen went black.  No more Bourdain.

But wait!  I know that No Reservations has been a huge part of our lives, but Tony isn’t about to leave us empty handed.  No, not all!  Tony has two (THAT’S RIGHT COUNT ‘EM TWO) shows that we can continue to watch, continue to learn about Travel, and continue to see Tony undoubtedly make fun of hipsters.

“How is this possible?” You are probably asking yourself.  When I realized this myself, I thought it was too good to be true too!  But this is how it works out.

(1) His first show is the oft forgotten “The Layover“.  I remember the Layover from last winter, but had thought that it was just a one shot mini-series.  Apparently it was renewed and the second season starts very soon!  How soon?  Try, Monday!  That’s right, Monday November 19th at 9pm you can watch Tony host the Layover.

For those of you unfamiliar with The Layover, the premise is if you have only 24-48 hours in a city (presumably on a long lay over) what are the awesome places that you must go to in that short period of time!  Sound cool?  It is!  They even have an app for the iPad where you can review the places for your own layover!

The cities that will be in this season of the Layover:

  1. Chicago
  2. Dublin
  3. Las Vegas
  4. New Orleans
  5. Paris
  6. Philadelphia
  7. Sao Paulo
  8. Seattle
  9. Toronto
  10. Taipei

Rest assured that I will be looking at the places and Tony goes and, especially in places I have written about before, I will definitely be writing about some of the places he goes to in great depth.

If you want to check out some photos from the second season, click the link below:

(2) Here’s some exciting news that is still relatively new: CNN has signed on Anthony Bourdain for a new show called Parts Unknown.  There is very little information on it yet, but I am led to believe that Tony will be traveling to Parts of the world that are relatively Unknown.  I know, I’m a genius.

The show is slated to premier in the spring.  Hopefully it will be successful on CNN and if Tony has any creative control, I am sure it will be!  I will keep tabs on the production and as soon as I know more about this, you will too!

Check out this video from Tony’s tumbler… its a teaser for his show:

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