Concerts in the Fillmore (Part deux) – Switchfoot

We have covered a couple of concerts on here before:

The Kooks

The Wombats

August Burns Red

The Fillmore is where I have been seeing concerts lately.  It is the premier music venue in downtown Silver Spring, MD.  Check them out on facebook and you should check out their website if you are anywhere near!

So I love concerts.  I am already looking at my favorite bands to see if they will be on a European tour next summer so I can catch them on location!  I mean how cool would it be to see the wombats in some dive bar in Liverpool? The correct answer is very.

So last month I saw Switchfoot at the Fillmore.  Switchfoot is one of those bands that I know all of their big songs (as does most of America) but I have never actually listened to any full albums.  I’ve always liked Switchfoot, but it’s like the Neon Trees; i like a few of their songs, but am content with what I know.

The band that opened up for Switchfoot was Paper Route.  They were pretty good.  I had never heard of them but they were entertaining and a good band to open for Switchfoot.  When Switchfoot finally did take the stage, they did a fantastic job in using the lights and playing with silhouettes.

I was really impressed by Switchfoot live.  It was probably one of the best (quality, energy, creativity) shows I have seen.  John Foreman, the lead singer and guitar player, was a rock star and a beach-bum rolled into one.

And then at one point in time, John jumped down off the stage, walked through the crowd, and climbed on the sound system in the back!  I have never seen anyone do this before.  It was really cool and he finished out the song from the back, which I’m sure the sound tech loved!

The guy’s reaction behind John is priceless.

John climbing up on the sound booth cage.

Finishing song from the crowd.

It was an awesome show.  These guys have been playing together for a long time now, and their on stage chemistry is very apparent.  Check out this clip from John in the crowd.

Overall, if you get a chance to see Switchfoot live, take it.  They’ve been around long enough that their show wasn’t on the expensive end, but they are a quality band with good music.  And as with August Burns Red, if you get a chance to see a show in the Fillmore, you won’t be disappointed!

12 Responses to “Concerts in the Fillmore (Part deux) – Switchfoot”
  1. I love Switchfoot. I’ve listened to all of their albums for years…Jon Foreman gets better and better. So glad you got to see them, looks like a cool venue!

  2. Stephany says:

    I saw Switchfoot about two years ago right about the time they were releasing Hello, Hurricane. It was one of the best concerts my husband and I had ever seen! My son, who was about eleven at the time and plays guitar, was completely blown away. The guys in the band are such great musicians and Jon Foreman is the perfect front man – talented, personable, magnetic. And, you are so right about the chemistry. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed their concert. Thanks for sharing this. it brought back great memories.

    As an aside, if you like good alternative live music, check out Carbon Leaf sometime. Their style of music is differen but the energy, musicianship, and chemistry are very similar. Switchfoot and Carbon Leaf – the best concerts I’ve seen. (I do like small intimate concert experiences, though.)

  3. I know the following comment will classify me as being “old” but I have heard of the Kooks! The other bands not so much, though there is a chance I have heard there music and just not heard the dj announce the bands name. Have you heard of a Swedish due called First Aid Kit? Read about them yesterday in USA Today Life section. Going to go to iTunes and preview their music.

  4. Have you had a chance to check out First Aid Kit? I like there vibe, and Pandora has done a good job of selecting some other cool groups to listen too. Where you headed on your next adventure?

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