Concerts in the Fillmore (Part 1)

We have covered a couple of concerts on here before:

The Kooks

The Wombats

The Fillmore is where I have been seeing concerts lately.  It is the premier venue in downtown Silver Spring.  I grabbed the photo above from their facebook and you should check out their website if you are anywhere near!

Anyway, the first concert I saw in the Fillmore was a concert unlike anything I have been to before.  I figured that if I am going to be adventurous this summer and head to Europe and experience new and exciting things, then the least I could do is go to a show of a band I have never listened to, in a genre I never listen to.  Sound logic, right?!

The band I went to see is called August Burns Red.  I have many friends who really like this band so I was excited and interested to hear them for the first time.  But like any concert, we had to sit through several bands that are even more obscure and unknown.

One such band (i’m sure well known within the correct circles) was Of Mice and Men.  Shockingly, for a band who’s name derives from one of the most beloved pieces of english literature, there were no Steinbeck references to be found.  Maybe I ask too much.

But as expected, this band was heavy with a lot of screaming.  Not my ideal music, but for a night it was quite a blast.  I spent most of my time using people around me as human shields to avoid being sucked into a circle or mosh pit, both occurring multiple times each band.

Finally, we made it to the main act.  August Burns Red set themselves apart from the other bands on both a creative and technical level.  They were extremely proficient, not only in their own MetalCore genre, but also inserted many a jazz or chacha riff to build many layers and levels.  I can say that I honestly enjoyed watching ABR play, however I did spend much of time avoiding the likes of these (below)… last time i was involved in a mosh pit, I took an elbow right to me eye.  And this 5’8′ 140lb man isn’t too proud to say, “I DON’T LIKE BEING HIT IN THE FACE!”

There were plenty of people taking tumbles left and right.  I am pretty sure I saw a dozen concussions.  One girl just flat out collapsed from dehydration.  Reminds me of hot summers and warped tour… oh High School…

But the Fillmore is an awesome venue.  The staff puts everything into it and does a fantastic job!  I would highly recommend seeing a show there (if possible), but I always recommend expanding your horizons and seeing some music (yes I said seeing some music) that you don’t usually listen to.  You can’t appreciate music that you don’t particularly like until you are standing in the middle of hundreds of sweating people, all singing at the top of their lungs.



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