Anthony Bourdain: The Finale is Here, and the things i’ve learned along the way.

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It is hard to believe that after 8 years arguably the greatest travel television show of all time is coming to an end.  You can see all of my posts on Anthony Bourdain’s Final Season here.  But before we watch tonight’s episode of No Reservations, where Tony will be in Brooklyn, I want to look at the three ways that No Reservations has changed the way I travel.

The Ways No Reservations Has Changed the Way I Travel

1. Markets – A main theme of nearly every episode of No Reservations is a trip to the local markets.  This is where you get a real feel for the culture of a country, away from the more touristy attractions and areas.  When I was in mexico city, we spent a lot of time waling around markets and talking to people in broken spanish.  That was easily one of the highlights of my trip.  Also, the food is always better (and cheaper!) directly from the vendors in the markets.

2. An Appreciation for Food – I have mentioned in previous posts how picky I used to be.  Tony challenged me to step out of the food comfort zone i’ve known and try new foods.  “How?” you may be thinking to yourself…  Well Tony challenged me simply by doing what he does best: eat delicious looking food.  Every episode is a nonstop smorgasbord of delicious item of food after delicious item of food.  He eats one meal and a few hours later finds a taco cart on the side of the road for yet another meal.  Watching someone who enjoys food at such great level makes me want to enjoy food in the same way.  I time and time again try new things and eat things I would never have eve 3 or 4 years ago.  I have learned that food, even if I don’t necessarily like it, won’t kill me!  It was a shocking (or maybe the word is minimal) revelation, but has changed the way I approach food forever.

3. People are different, but really, people are the same – Bourdain’s television show has done a great job of showing people from all over the world in their own unique cultures.  He has shown poverty and luxury.  The bourgeoisie and proletariat.  The fun and exciting and the not so exciting (I’m looking at you Iceland).  But despite the differences of these many people and place, essentially every episode is the same.  And that is because we are all human, and we are all essentially the same.  The food, the language, the scenery may all be different, but the people are all generally very proud of their country, culture, and food.  They are all welcoming of Tony.  And they all live for their family, friends, and beliefs.

Tonight is Brooklyn.  Now New York is one of my favorite places ever.  I have spent a total of 6 days in and around New York in my life and it is not nearly enough.  I was just in Brooklyn last month (and it was absolutely freezing at night by the way), taking a tour around the city by moonlight.  It was awesome and I look forward to seeing where Tony goes in this culturally diverse city.


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