The People and Places from Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations in the Dominican Republic

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Yesterday I wrote about Haiti, the country that shares the Island of Hispaniola with today’s country, the Dominican Republic.

The People:

1. Juan Basanta – Juan is a local film maker in Santo Domingo.  To learn more about his films, go to or check out his IMDb page here.

2. Ivan Herrara – Local surfer/film maker in the Dominican.

3. Jerry Risius – Long time friend of Tony, Jerry spends a lot of time in the Dominican.  He also has operates the camera for No Reservations. Check out his IMDb page here.

The Places:

1. Meson de Bari – Is where Tony has lunch with Juan Basanta (above).  This is a local bar in Santo Domingo where Artists, Musicians, Journalists all congregate.  They eat empenadas and dominican pork.

2. Boca Chica – Where Dominicans like to go to the beach… or as Anthony puts it the local’s beach.  At the beach they get some fresh fish from a woman (I believe named Wendy) who has set up a shack serving beach food.

3. Lechonera El Monumento – One of the places that Tony visits with Ivan for Tony’s favorite dish: Pork.  Like many good places that are local treasures they have no website.  So here is their address: Autopista 30 de Mayo, Avenida George Washington, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

4. Cacheito’s Place – This is one of Ivan’s favorite places to eat deep fried breakfast salami.  Not exactly the breakfast of champions… but it looks delicious!

5. Playa Rincon – Tony and Ivan fly out to Playa Rincon.  This beach is as picturesque as they come and the perfect place for Tony and Ivan to get some fresh lobster.

6. El Cabito – One of Jerry’s favorite lunch spots.  This restaurant is owned by a couple of European ExPats that moved there simply for the beauty of the island.  As usual in island paradises, it is nothing but ocean fresh seafood.

7. Barra Payan – Tony’s favorite type of restaurant.  A counter open 24hrs that is always packed with locals.  This place specializes in sandwiches, especially ones with gratuitous amounts of pork and cheese.

Important Stuff From the Episode:

1. We all know (or assume) that Bourdain can’t dance, yet Tony drops a bit of trivia on us that he was offered to be on Dancing With The Stars two years in a row.  In usual Tony fashion, he says he would only consider it after an appearance on Celebrity Rehab.  One things for sure, that might be a Dancing With The Stars I would actually watch.

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