The People and Places from Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations in Rio

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Lovely Rio.  You can tell Bourdain’s life is getting tough when much of the episode is spent with beautiful women on the beaches of Brazil.  What amazed me was how many people from these portuguese speaking country also spoke english!  Very impressive.

The People

1. His guide Danni Camillo is a local chef.

2. The Gracie Family – They are Jiujitsu royalty and have started an organization to help kids in the favellas not only learn jiujitsu but improve their life through providing food daily and helping keep them in school.  It isn’t mentioned in the episode but I would bet money on this being the family of the legendary Brazilian Fighter Royce Gracie.  Anyone pretty familiar with MMA and UFC would know Gracie as one of the original fighters in the UFC back when it was a single elimination, no weight class, no rules fighting tournament.

The Places

1. The Beach Sandwich Shop – Tony Describes it as a roast pork sandwich so good it is “burned into his brain!”  The name of this wonderful place? Barraca Do Uruguay.  Unfortunately there is no address or website, so I linked the four square location!  It is on Ipanema Beach in Rio, near lifeguard tower #9.

2. The Best Place to watch the Sunset – A favorite to many locals, Bar Urca sits right at the waterfront in Rio.  Most people grab some sea food snacks and sit on the wall overlooking the water as the sun sets.  This is a tradition before any night out.

3. Fresh Brazilian Barbecue at the Market –  The market is called Cadeg Market.  The restaurant where they serve gratuitous amounts of meat is called Adega Cesari.  Click on their name to go to their facebook page or click on the title to see them on Google Maps.  They bring you an assortment of various meats and even bring you some TUMS just in case…

4. World Famous Brazilian Chicken – Don’t call me a “fanilow” but Barry Manilow once said “At the Copa, Copacabana. The hottest spot north of Havana. At the Copa, Copacabana. Music and passion were always the fashion at the Copa….they fell in love.”  It’s like that for Tony except instead of Lola, he fell in love with some chicken.  At Gelato Sat’s in the infamous Copacabana, he indulges in the juicy chicken and Brazil’s version of scotch.

5. His Guide’s Favorite Bar – She doesn’t want her favorite bar over-run, so they never say the name of the place.  Luckily for us there it is on trip advisor!  I found it by matching pictures of the exterior.  The website is here so check it if you plan to head to rio.

Other Important Moments From Episode

1. One of the main reasons that Tony and crew go to Rio is because of Tony’s wife.  He has mentioned in passing in a couple of episodes that his wife was into Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and she has a match in Rio against a Brazilian Jujitsu fighter.  As any good husband would be, Tony describes himself as “F***ing Terrified!”

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What was your favorite part of the episode?

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