No Reservations: Burgundy, France – The People and Places from the Episode

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We have covered our top places to go in France a couple months ago, but after seeing this episode of No Reservations, I have no idea why Burgundy wasn’t a list of its own!.  Below is a list of the people from the episode and the places that they went.  I’ll be sure to describe, to my best recollection, what happened in each place!

The People

1. Chef  Ludo Lefebvre – A native to Burgundy and Tony’s guide, Ludo moved to the US in the mid 1990s as Bourdain puts it “expecting to see Pamela Anderson running on the beach.”  But he is best known for his work on the Bravo TV show: Top Chef Masters.

2. Chef Jean Pierre – The first Chef that Ludo worked under at the restaurant Ludo worked in as a young chef: Le Rendezvous, more below!

3. Chef Marc Meneau – Ludo’s mentor and the owner of L’Esperance.  Tony calls him Ludo’s bigfoot … a figure always haunting you, making you do better and try harder.

4. Ray Walker – An american that fell in love with Burgundy… both the Wine and the Region.  He knew after visiting that he had to do it himself!  He is the first american to do the centuries old Burgundy in Burgundy.

The Places

1. Truck Stop – Tony and Ludo stop for lunch at a truck stop that has surprisingly fantastic food!  House wine, nice cheeses, weird old lady dressed as a cowgirl and raffling off prizes….

2. Le Rendezvous – Escargot!  I called it yesterday!  And beef bourguignon, bouguignon being burgundy.  We mentioned it previously when discussing his basics of cooking episode!

3. Patrick Picard Butcher Shop – “This is what a butcher used to be, and should be!” – Tony.  Unfortunately there is no website… old school! But here is the address: 64 Rue Joubert, 89000 Auxerre, France.

4. Restaurant Where They Eat Lamb – In Noyer, a medieval town, they hand select a lamb to slaughter and eat at a 7 century old farm!  Now that’s living!  The name of the restaurant is Maison Paillot.  Click the link above to see their website.

5. L’Esperance – The restaurant of famed Chef Meneau.  Also the place where they eat from a giant, like bigger than a pillow… absolutely massive block of cheese.

6. The American Winery – The name of Ray Walker’s winery is Maison Ilan.  He didn’t even know how to make wine at the time and learned from reading centuries old texts from Burgundy history.

Other Important Stuff From Episode

1. Bourdain continues to drive pretty sweet cars!  This one looks like it is straight out of a World War II movie!

2. “I would stick a blunt knife in your neck for this cheese” – Anthony Bourdain.  At Ludo’s house they cook some home recipes with his family and eat the goopiest cheese that i’ve ever seen!  Like a whole wheel that as soon as you cut into it, the cheese pours out…  something Tony would kill for!  Tony calls it “a shining example to the world why France is a great country!”

3. Not to toot my own horn, but i was right in my prediction in yesterdays post of cured meat!  At a party with his high school pals, Ludo pulls out the cured meat with the cheese and wine… A tradition that would happen once a week when Ludo lived in Burgundy.

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What was your favorite part of the episode?

9 Responses to “No Reservations: Burgundy, France – The People and Places from the Episode”
  1. Ben says:

    Do you know the name of the song playing during the scene when Tony is eating cheese at Ludo’s house? I really like that song and can’t seem to find out what it is or who sang it.

    • It took some searching but it looks like the music is entirely original. Mike Ruffino (from the unband from when Tony was in Boston) wrote an original 70s style movie score to go with the episode. They do stuff like this a lot, unfortunately i am not sure if it is easy to get a copy of. You might try tweeting at Tony (@bourdain) or mike (@mruffino) to see if they could help you… you never know!

  2. Kristan says:

    Salut! Do you know where I can locate a list of the music that was featured on this episode. I am a French teacher and I would love to share some of the songs with my students!

    • That would be great! The music was so well done in this episode.. but from what I can tell, it was an original score that was made to seem like a 70s french film. It was written by mike ruffian (@mruffino on twitter) but i am not sure if its easy to get a copy of. If you are looking for some cool french songs, there are a few great ones on the Midnight in Paris soundtrack, but that’s about the extent of my knowledge of french music. I hope that helps!

  3. QUIKI says:


    I notice there are people asking about the songs and they got the answers, but I have to try again. I’m searching for the song that is played in the beginning of the episode and the song that plays during the car drive after the butchers shop the one that is played in the tunnel. Try to search it on the Internet, but without any result. “Kiss me my darling…. you make my heart sing etc”

    • Justin says:

      I’ve got an idea… since it is an original soundtrack, i’m going to tweet @mruffino and anthony and see if I can get a response about getting a copy of the soundtrack

    • Justin says:

      So I tweeted mruffino (the guy who wrote the score for the episode) and asked about getting my hands on the soundtrack and he said he would look into it! I’ll keep you posted on any other progress!

      • Justin, thanks for looking into the music for this episode. Have you had any news from @mruffino?


      • Justin says:

        I haven’t …. I just looked and he said he’d look into it on January 20th. You might want to try and tweet him as well, and i’ll reply back to him for an update. Maybe if he has a couple of people asking it will seem more urgent!

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