Bourdain in Emilia-Romagna, Italy! The People, Places, and Events from the episode!

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We have covered our top places to go in Italy (both part one and part two) a couple months ago, but after seeing this episode of No Reservations, it is apparent that we vastly overlooked what this region of Italy had to offer.  Below is a list of the people from the episode and the places that they went.  I’ll be sure to describe, to my best recollection, what happened in each place!

The People

1. Michael White – This is a friend of Tony’s that is a chef from NY and is famous for his work at famous restaurants in Italy.  He shows Tony all of the spots to go in the region and accompanies him throughout the episode.

2. Gianluigi Morini – The founder of Ristorante San Domenico and Michael White’s mentor.

The Places

1. Ristorante San Domenico – A very nice restaurant founded by Gianluigi in 1970.  I was blown away by the service of this restaurant.  Everything was presented table-side.  They brought a roast duck that was cooked rare.  The server then carved off the duck breast and seared it in a pan to a finish right there at the table.  Not to mention that they put the remaining parts of the duck in a press and squeeze out all the juices into a hot pan to create a duck sauce.  That’s asking a lot of the servers, but they don’t bat an eye as they prepare it masterfully.

2. Trattoria Fita – Home of the biggest steak i have ever seen!  These giant T-Bones had to be a minimum of three fingers thick!  Like many places we have seen in on No Reservations, it is a relatively small room with a dozen tables and the food is cooked right in the middle of the room!

3. Antica Corte Pallavicina – This is where Tony and Michael go to have some cured meats and cheese.  This is one of the most well done, high end meat curing places.  Tony compares it a high end boutique wine, as it takes upwards of two years to cure the meat to perfection, and no one customer can have more than a set amount at a time.

4. Tre Monti Vineyard –  This vineyard practices “minimal intervention” in the growing of and aging of grapes.  Tony teases the owners saying that they are leaving the dream!  And indeed, having a vineyard surrounded by beautiful mountains eating fresh italian food is quite the dream!

5. Acetaia Pedroni di Modena – One of the best things i’ve ever seen on any episode, this is the area where Balsamic Vinegar originated.  And let me just say, we are jipped with what we think is balsamic vinegar!  IT IS NOT BALSAMIC VINEGAR!  After watching this episode, you see what it takes to make BV.  When someone is born, they are given a cask with just a bit of their father’s vinegar to start their own. The cask ages and is transferred from cask, to cask for a minimum of  12 years until it is time begin slowly collecting some of the vinegar.  The true balsamic vinegar is way more expensive because of the effort that has to be put in.

6. Imola – One of the most infamous race tracks in Europe.  It is the place where racer Ayrton Senna had a fatal accident in the mid 90s.  Tony gets the opportunity to drive a Ferrari at high speeds around the track!  I think that Michael even got a little freaked out by the speed Tony got the Ferrari up to!

Other Important Stuff From Episode

1. Tony mentions that Emilia-Romagna is where much of the wealthy Italians from centuries past lived.  And because of this, the Emilia-Romagna region is a little bit different in food and culture from the rest of Italy.  As Tony puts it, “this is where the good stuff comes from”.  Apparently this region also was home to many chef academies that are forgotten in todays time.

2. Tony can’t go an episode without mentioning hipsters.  To his credit, he recognizes that the only hope for the future of fantastic restaurants such as San Domenico  is hipsters to catch on.  He more or less calls for a foodie invasion to appreciate these restaurants that are beginning to be forgotten by the current generation.

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What was your favorite part of the episode?

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